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The simple question of why. Why does prejudice still exisit? Why can't we as a human race accept our differences and treat each other as equals? Why has prejudice continued on for so many years, even when all people are now recognized as equals? William Hazlitt brings up an excellent point when he speaks of how ignorance is related to prejudice. Ignorant people don't want to accept the facts of equality. They don't want to reconcile their differences and move away from racism. In certain cases, ignorance is bliss, but it is important to recognize the difference between when ignorance becomes bliss, and when it just makes you seem foolish.

How Stereotypes Came About

Prejudices are formed from the influence of previous generations. Our parents and family members predispose us to our prejudices. Common stereotypes that our parents may say influence the way we think. Prejudices are apparent in all people, and everybody has some prejudice in them.

Common Stereotypes

1) Asians have high IQs. They are smarter than most in Math and Science. These people are more likely to succeed in school. (Positive stereotype)

3) African Americans can dance. (Positive stereotype)

4) Caucasians can't dance. (Negative stereotype)

5) French are romantic. (Positive stereotype)

6) Irish are alcoholics. (Negative stereotype)

7) Italians are good lovers. (Positive stereotype)

8) Germans are Nazis or fascists. (Negative stereotype)

9) Middle Easterners hate Americans. (Negative stereotype)

10) Russians are violent. (Negative stereotype)

11) Gay men are feminine while lesbian women are masculine. 

12) Asians know martial arts.

13) African Americans play basketball. 

14) Women are neat and like to clean.

15) Men take charge in a relationship.

16) Asian men have smallest penis size while African American men have the biggest penis size.

17) Immigrants have poor English.

18) Indians work at a deli.

19) Caucasian women do not have big boobs naturally like African American females.

20) Jewish people are cheap.

21) white people can't dance

22) black people are criminals

23) rednecks are stupid

24) irish people are drunk

25)italians are gangsters

26) asians can't drive

27) women aren't as smart as men

28) gays are promiscuous

29) jews are cheap

30)Asian: drive hondas, eat rice, are great at math

31) Black: law breakers, soul food, gangsta theme, only listen to rap, disrespect all females, poor, can dance, great at sports

32)Whites can't dance, are strict with their kids and have no rhythm. They also "rule" the world.

33) The Irish  are all miserable drunks.

34) The Indian-based races know next to no English, are all doctors and telemarketers with bad accents.

35) Italians are mobsters and love to eat pasta, lasagna, goulash and spaghetti only!!