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Panic! At The Disco - New Perspective

As the title suggests, the singer in this song wants to see life from a new perspective where he can admire everything about his girlfriend, even the things that he might be annoyed by now, such as her expensive tastes.
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Eminem - Not Afraid

**The music video contains curses.**
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Not Afraid, from the album Recovery, represented Eminem's new outlook on life after combating his addictions.  His music is now not as focused on himself, and he wants to help people who have been in similar situtions.

See 60 Minutes' Eminem interview.
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The Fray - You Found Me

The Fray depicts a strange and unique view of God in this song.  He is seen as a defeated man with no power.  The lead singer pleads with God, asking him why he did not help him.  This perspective of God is not useally seen. 
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The Beatles -
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

The initials of this song, LSD, are often thought to also stand for the drug with the same initials, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide.  If you listen closely to the words of the song (click the link below) it sounds like it it sung from the perspective of a person who is under the influence of LSD.
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John Lennon - Imagine

Imagine shows John Lennon's unique perspective on a world filled with peace.  He envisioned a world where everyone would be equal and everyone could get along.
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The Beatles - In My Life

This song is about the Beatles looking back at some of  the good and bad experiences in their lives.  However, from their perspective, the girl that they are singing about is more important than everything else in their lives.
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The Beatles - I'm Looking Through You

This song relates to perspective because from John Lennon and Paul McCartney's perspectives, they can see through all everything that is going on on the outside and see who they really are, similarly to Graham and Jamie's experimental where they made the oreo-covered chocolate chip cookie.  
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The Beatles - A Day in the Life

This song is written from the point of view of someone who has been removed from reality and only knows bits and pieces of what is going on.  He has to piece together what is going on from the few facts and rumors that he has heard. 
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Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

For those of you that do not know, the story surrounding this song is quite famous.  It was written after Eric Clapton's son fell out of the window of a highrise building to his death.  Clapton was visibly distrought for months after the tragic accident.  In the song, Clapton asks is his son would remember him if he were to see him in heaven.  However, even though he misses his son terribly, he decides that he is not ready to go to heaven.
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Paramore - The Only Exception

The Only Exception represents Haley Williams' changing perspective as she grew up and experienced love for the first time.  As shown in Gary's personal, before she had experienced love for the first time, she was unable to know how it would affect her but when she experienced it for herself, she was able to form her own perspective.
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Kid Rock - All Summer Long

Kid Rock is recalling the memory of the summer of 1989, which was the best time in his life.  During that summer, he met a girl whom he really liked but whom he has lost touch with.  He mentions that he would really like to see her again, one more time.
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