Perspective Experimental


Sukhveen S.

Thu, 19 May 2011 3:25:51 pm

First off I would like to congratulate you on finally finishing the experimental!! must feel great, I know I cannot wait until the day of my presentation! I really liked all the connections you guys made in your presentation especially those in the art section. The art part of your presentation was fantastic! I liked how Doc Van Wie led you guys on a tour with some famous works of art explaining how perspective played into effect. Gary, I must commend you on your ability to speak so confidently about your loss. I know for a fact I could not do such a thing, therefore my personal will not be a narrative, but a voiceover. I am sorry for your loss, but it was a truly touching personal. Thank you so much for such an informative presentation!


Gabby Pollack

Thu, 19 May 2011 4:18:23 pm

GREAT JOB GUYS!!! Ian, Bobby, and Gary from the way you talked about your experimental I did not know what to expect. But, today you shared knowledge and showed perspective in so many different ways. For starters I don't know if this was intential but the room looked almost symetrial, the mirror of our self perspective was definetly a great added touch! As for you presentation, I was really interested in the way you presented stereotypes as a perspective of races. This was very interesting and I had never thought about it relating to your topic, which you did very nicely.
Ian, your personal on the Beatles really interested me because I am a huge fan of music in general and a sole believer of the different perspectives it can take. The way you and your family all are fans of the Beatles shows the deep connection music can have on your life. Gary, your personal, although sad really was very enjoyable. I think that when a friend loses someone we have no idea the pain they endure unless we to go through a similar situation. Your grandfather was obviously a very special person to you and your connection was wonderful. Bobby, for someone who loves sports your personal definetly reflected who you are as a person. The different family members and people who taught you to play Lacrosse brought in the same togetherness feel that Ian's personal also brought about. I also liked how right after your personal you all went into explaining about the different perspectives that fans, players, and coaches have on the games. Overall I want to commend you guys on a great experimental!


Sam Golden

Thu, 19 May 2011 6:19:45 pm

Ian, Bobby, and Gary-
Great job today!! From the start, I was really interested in your topic.I knew it was going to be an interesting one!You guys did a great job of finding different examples of Perspective in every topic whether it be art, music, sterotypes, sports, etc. You did a great job teaching us about all different types of perspective in art... there certainly is alot! I also loved your idea to put a mirror in the room. It was very creative. Your connection to the movie Vantage Point was a good one; it really showed how different people all have different points of view. All three of your personals were great. Gary, yours was very touching. You're right about the fact that we don't really know how a person is feeling unless we have gone through the same experience. Your point of view and outlook on life can really be altered after experiencing loss. Ian and Bobby, your personals were great connections to things that take great importance in your life. All three of you did a great job speaking. It really seemed like you knew the information! Overall, congrats on an awesome experimental!


Graham T

Fri, 20 May 2011 12:18:46 am

You guys did a fantastic job on this project. The presentation was well planned and contained a lot of valuable information. Perspective is one of the most intriguing topics you could have chosen. It branches out into so many different sub-groups, which you talked about so fluently. The entire art section of the presentation was a major highlight. You guys gave so many great examples of how artists can use different perspectives. The optical illusions section that Ian spoke about was thought-prevoking, and was a connection I would never have realized. The drunk goggles part was very effective, because it showed us how being under the influence of drugs or alcohol can blur our perception of reality, therefore changing our perspective. Gary, your personal was touching, and it really taught me to appreciate the people who are in your life now and who have influenced it but our now gone. It is definitely true that your memory of someone is seen from a different perspective than if they were still us. Bobby, both your personal and the sports section were great connections to your topic. The viewpoint of umpires and referees may be different than that of the players. Therefore, from now on, I will try to be more forgiving of officials in sports, even if they make a call I don't agree with. The idea that you have to step into someone else's shoes to view the situation from their perspective is a powerful message that can be used to teach people not to discriminate against or belittle other people. The choice between having an optimistic or pessamistic outlook on a game can influence players to focus on the positives, seeing that there are no benefits to lingering on the negative. Ian, your personal showed us that certain music can bring people with totally different perspectives together. The Beatles are arguably the most likeable band of all time and many people, regardless of their differences, have been able to agree on the fact that their music is great. I loved that you incorporated so many Beatles songs into the presentation. All three of you did a suberb job teaching us about "perspective." Enjoy the relief of being finished!


Mali Zaken

Fri, 20 May 2011 10:21:54 am

Hey guys! Amazing job I was so impressed! Your topic was a great choice and I could tell you all knew a lot about your information. The discussion on art was really intriguing. The paintings you selected went great with your topic and were all interesting and unique. The part about stereotypes was really well presented. I never really thought about stereotypes as relating to perspectives. The drunk goggles were a great touch! The video you filmed was funny but got your point across. I loved how you interacted with the audience, it really added a sense of fun! Your other connections including the movie Vantage Point were brilliant. Each of your personals blew me away. Ian, I loved how you connected the very popular band the Beatles to your topic! I could tell you have a strong interest in music and it was great how you showed that not everyone felt the same way about the Beatles. Bobby, your personal was also very unique. I never really looked at that aspect of lacrosse before and it was very cool to point out. Gary, your personal was very moving. It was so brave of you to share your story with us and was very inspirational. In general, you all presented with ease and were definitely comfortable up there. Your powerpoint looked professional and was a great success!


Rebecca M.

Fri, 20 May 2011 12:07:27 pm

Congratulations on your experimental! The amount of hard work you three put in was prevalent in your presentation. The amount of art you did was astounding. All three of you thoroughly connected your art work to your topic well. I liked how you got the audience in evolved and moving. Seeing people’s perception being altered in real life helped us understand what perspective is all about. The presentation as a whole was very clean and organized. As for the decorations, the mirror was a great idea. By putting the mirror up we were forced to view ourselves along with others in the mirror. By seeing ourselves and others, it showed how we all have a different perspective on ourselves along with others. The black and white cookies where a complete success and grabbed everyone’s attention. The contrast of the black and white ounce again drove home the idea of perspective. I also enjoyed your personals, Gary; your personal was very moving and relatable. Ina, I loved your personal, I too am a fan of the Beatles and the background story about them that you spoke of was very informative. As for bobby, your connection to sports and perspective was spot on and true in everyday life along with sports. Overall your presentation was excellent you guys should be proud of what a success it was.


Ahmad Khanzada

Sat, 21 May 2011 3:41:47 pm

-From my perspective, your experimental was marvelous. With perspective as your experimental topic, you guys definitely had a lot of hard work to do since your topic is a bit broad. You guys had a crazy amount of research ahead of you, especially in the fields of history and art. Still, you guys did a lot of hard work and it paid off. The level of art throughout your presentation was enormous. I especially enjoyed this beginning section because I do love analyzing art as many of you may know. So by beginning your experimental by analyzing art pieces, I was especially content. A huge aspect of perspective is art so by having this as your start was good idea. I also like how you guys began even before you got into the art. Giving the dictionary and group definition of perspective was important because it can be considered so deep by many. In your group definition, you guys are talking about your perspective of the word perspective. I don’t know whether you meant for the viewers to think like this, but I personally found it very deep. All three of you have been working on this presentation section in particular with such dedication and commitment that you guys should be very pleased with what your product came out to be.
-The decorations in your room were well thought up. I loved the idea of the mirror. By adding the mirror, not only was it a cool addition to the perspective novels everywhere, but it was also a clear example of the most basic idea of perspective. People always see things differently and especially when they look at themselves. I also liked how you guys added novels everywhere. This was such a good idea and did not require that much work either. It was a well thought up and executed decoration. I loved the black and white cookies too. It was actually a bit funny because I heard some ninth graders say how much they loved you guys having these cookies, they were saying how the experimentals which have been occurring this past week have saved them money and they get a free lunch every day. I don’t know, I just found them talking about free food to be funny.
-I am curious to know why you three chose this as your topic. Maybe you guys should have said this because I am so curious to know. People are always wondering where your topic idea came from. Maybe you guys could add this to the site because I know that many people are probing about where this word originated from.
-I loved the joke Ian said about not being able to interview Eminem. If Eminem knew what a great presentation you guys had, I am sure he would have been honored to be interviewed by you three. Adding this small bit of humor was well planned. Humor always does keep the audience on their toes and keeps their attention with the presenters so good move adding some jokes throughout the presentation.
-All three of your personals were very different and well thought up. Gary we are not only friends, but our families are too. I realize how you are not willing to always share family information, so telling/sharing with the audience about your perspective when your grandfather had unfortunately departed, I was very impressed. This required a lot of bravery/courage and as a friend and indirect family member, I am very proud of you for doing this. This was a well thought up personal and I loved the picture you had up of your grandfather as you spoke. Ian, I am not much of a musical guy but I do know how much you love The Beatles. Making your personals based on them was a good idea. I think your personal was a bit more detailed than the average by you adding that story of John Lenin. This was a well thought up addition to your personal. Bobby, I somehow anticipated this personal from you. I did play four sports seasons with you throughout middle school. Two thirds of each year was spent with you after school either running or doing some other type of physical activity. I definitely understood your personal because it is very true that you are optimistic throughout games and sports unlike many of our teammates. I like how after your personal, you used sports to help transition your presentation into perspective into sports as a whole. Good transitions man.
-Perspective is a hard topic because it is so vague that the amount of disciplines needing to investigate in is immense. You guys have done outstanding levels of actual factual which is clearly visible throughout your website. You guys truly deserve to just sit back and watch your classmates work. You worked hard and were successful so congratulations on a job well done.


Mitchell H

Mon, 23 May 2011 9:15:16 am

Luckily for me, I was able to take part in your experimental and see myself up on screen. Quite humorous. You guys did a good job splitting up the presentation between the three of you. There was an ample amount of art; as you explained, perspective in art began during the Renaissance, and many of us learned this in AP Euro. I found Gary's personal very touching, especially when he compared his experience to Chelsea's loss. A long time fan of the Beatles, I was glad to see them represented as such in Ian's personal. By the way, the demonstration with the imposssible triangle illusion was very interesting and further proved your point on viewing an object through different perspectives.


yuval Hananya

Tue, 24 May 2011 7:17:48 pm

You guys did a wonderful job overall. Your artwork, music, personals, all truly showed how perspective is in all our lives.
One of the things that stood out to me a lot was your perspective and art part. The first thing I would have thought of was not the artists' perspective, but mine, where I see a man thinking about his world, but what you guys did was really remarkable and expanded my knowledge of art and depth and such greatly. It must have taken alot of time but it really came out well.
Your drunk goggle experiment was a great way to get the audience to participate and I kind of wish I could have done it (didnt have the guts to go up there myself) but it really was funny, and cool. Your triangle was also a great touch.

All of your personals were awesome, of course.
Gary - It really interests me how you gained a new perspective on something none of us really want to gain one on. Although hard to speak about, I am really proud at how you handled it.
Ian - Music is a great part of your life and your perspective on music and how the Beatles (an all time favorite of mine) is something your whole family loves, was really cool and really got me involved in your project.
Bobby - I didnt know how much Lacrosse really does affect you, but I see now how you need to choose which perspective you want to take after a game - the "we won but we must keep going" attitude, or the "we lost we suck" attitude, but it really gave me a whole new perspective on your passion.

Overall you guys presented very well, and it all came together very well. Congrats!


Morgan Littman

Thu, 26 May 2011 6:27:46 pm

CONGRATULATIONS GUYS! You all did such an amazing job! You seemed to work very well in your group of three and clearly put a lot of effort into it! Gary, your personal really shed light on something, and more specifically someone, who meant so much to you in your life. I'm sorry about the passing of your grandfather but from the way you described him I'm sure he was nothing short of great! It was a very respectable thing for you to talk about and you did an amazing job! Ian, I too share a love for music of all genres and commend you on your ability to put music and family in perspective! I was very intrigued and enjoyed listening to your story! And finally Bobby, I know just how much athletics have always played a role in your life and specifically lacrosse. It was very nice to see you talk so enthusiastically on something that meant so much to you and you showed me how important it is to maintain balance over my emotions and not react extremely to one side! All three of you were very great presenters and remained audible throughout the entire experimental! I was very interested the whole time and between the background music and well structured slide show, I had a great time! CONGRATS!


celeste Roldan

Thu, 02 Jun 2011 12:32:41 am

Bobby, Ian, & Gary,
Great Job!!! I really liked how you guys seemed very calm and comfortable while presenting. You were naturals! I thought perspective was a really interesting topic. I especially liked how you connected it to Art. The whole strategy of dividing up the canvas into a certain pattern was really interesting. Ian, I loved how you used a topic so close to your family for your personal, The Beatles. That's what truly made it a personal! Bobby, using Lacrosse was a creative take on perspective. I like how you connected the two. Gary, your personal was very touching. Most of us have experienced loss in our lives, so I think everyone can relate to your personal. It was interesting how you spoke about propaganda and how sometimes it is used in a positive way, and sometimes a negative way. It shows how important your perspective is in life. It was also interesting how personalities and memories are greatly related to perspective. Great job guys!


Thu, 02 Jun 2011 4:38:24 pm

You three did a great job! I didn't get to come to your presentation, but your website looks really good! You have a lot of research, and you put it all together nicely. You had a lot of good books which you connected to perspective. You also had a lot of music, which you explained well. The section you had on art was well-explained. Perspective is such an important part of art, and it is amazing how it evolved over time. The Renaissance, which you wrote about, was an important time in the history of perspective. The paintings which you included to illustrate how perspective plays a role in art were good choices. It was clear and easy to see the perspective in the art which you chose. Your illusions section was very interesting. The pictures that you had to match these sections fit well with what you said. It is very interesting how important illusions are in our world and how they fascinate people. You had a lot of information for social studies, too. Revolution was a good connection. There are so many different revolutions in history, and you explained them well. Your propaganda section was also interesting. I had not thought of propaganda as a reflection of perspective, but you clearly explained how it was. Religion was also a good connection. You three had a lot of research and built a great website. I'm sorry that I could not come to your presentation!


Daniel J.

Thu, 02 Jun 2011 8:18:06 pm

Congratulations on an amazing experimental guys! You all put in so much hard work, and I could tell that it paid off very well! Going into your presentation, I thought you guys would mainly talk about the different ways we can view things (which you did discuss), but you talked about so much more than just that. I had no idea how you could relate to disciplines such as literature, music, and science. After seeing your experimental, I could tell that the three of you worked very well together. You all spoke very clearly, and although you aren't used to speaking in front of a large group of people, you presented as if you've done this a bunch of times. This is probably because you all knew your topic very well (after all, you've been researching for months). I really liked all of the art that you guys had, especially the familiar painting with all of the stairs. Great job!


Jessica D'Angelo

Thu, 02 Jun 2011 11:20:52 pm

Great job guys! It is obvious to me that you guys did extensive research and really got a better understanding of what perspective really is. I especially liked the artwork you showed in your slides. The optical illusions were awesome and really displayed how it is about the way you look at things, not how they appear at an instant. Ian, I liked that you added the Beatles into your project. They truly looked at the world differently and changed the way people looked at life. Bobby, lacrosse is such a big part of your life. It was cool how you related your favorite sport to perspective! Gary, it was interesting how the death of your grandfather really put loss into perspective for you. Overall you guys did an excellent job! You should be proud!


Chelsea D'Ambrosio

Thu, 02 Jun 2011 11:30:05 pm

Congratulations on an amazing experimental guys! I really liked how you began your presentation with multiple art pieces showing the different examples of perspective used throughout the years. It was a very smart way of gradually transitioning into all your other research which was quite extensive as well! The goggles experiment was a funny and unique way of getting the audience involved in a way that pertained to your topic very well. The section about different effects of alcohol and so on are topics that people actually are interested in knowing given that it does come into play in our lives as we get older. For that reason I think it was smart of you to make room for topics such as that in your presentation over maybe some others that you can find in detail on your website.

I found each of your personals to be brilliantly connected in their own ways. Gary- yours was very heartfelt and I give you credit because it is not easy to stand up in front of a crowd of people that you know and talk about such a sentimental topic. Ian- the love for the Beatles that you share with your family was a very smart tie in to your topic. Music is a very personal part of everyone’s life given that it is so specific depending on the person and there are so many different types of music to choose from! Bobby- you made it very clear that perspective plays a huge role in sports when it comes to keeping a positive attitude after a loss, or remaining humble after a win. It was evident how much you care for the game and tied in really well to a different aspect of perspective that hadn’t been addressed in other parts of the presentation making it unique. Amazing job guys! All the hard work paid off!


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